"Get Some Zen In Your Life"

"I’m Coach Zen an Intuitive Internal Development Coach For ALL Women. I help you debunk the myths, resolve your traumas and live from truth so that you can create your life and reshape your life. I guide you on how to channel

 Your power, deepen your connection with self and envision what is possible. Release the cloud of suffering

by caring for the interior parts of you, that is your inner self. I HELP YOU FIGURE IT OUT!

Credientials & Experience

Coached over 20+ Women since 2019, Collegiate Course in Psychology, CEU/CPD Accreditation, Lover of  Neuro Science, Certified Professional Life Coach, Certified Spiritual Coach, Certified NLP Coach/Practioner and Future Certified Adult Chair Coach


Debunk The Myths

Tough love Zen Time: Truth is

that you are restraining yourself

From moving forward.  Blaming a circumstance, a person or something outside of yourself is an invitation alerting you to focus your attention on areas in your life and no longer suppress them. Limited beliefs and untruths create an unstable foundation for your life. "That which is false troubles the heart, but truth brings joyous tranquillity."- Rumi



Unresolved Trauma

Side Effects: Exhaustion, anxiety, emotional shifts, irritability, addictive behaviors, difficulty with conflict or stress, low self-worth, and etc. Suppressing trauma will impact all areas of your life, including  relationships and your arrival to your   desired outcome. Einstein said, “Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that  Reality. It can be no other way " Embodying the Inner work will  restore, heal and reshape your life.


Live From Truth

The "TRUTH" Exists beyond all narratives, judgements, and contradictions. Your internal guidance system is 100% reliable. Connect with yourself at a deeper level so that you can steer your energy with intent and elevate your life. Embodiment is essential for personal development techniques to stick and land for you.

Stop going through it. Receive tools and insights to propel you forward and evolve through life's difficult moments.

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Non-profit organization I Facilitated With 

Special Guest

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A Therapist is past focused, A Life Coach is forward focused.

A Life Coach will get you there because we've been there too.


"I didn’t think needed a Life Coach but once the sessions started, I was very impressed with Coach Zen’s knowledge and experience about the different forms of abuse around Co-parenting w/my ex-husband who's a narcissist experiencing parental alienation was extremely exhausting. Coach Zen’s sessions helped me in so many ways."

- Electria 

"I just had a super powerful coaching session with Coach Zen. Thank You! 

I feel empowered, I feel good, and I feel so energized and it's so powerful." 

- MaryAnn

"Thank you for being in my life because if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have been here. Thank you for going the extra mile. Shaking  that spirit off my back. If it wasn't for you, this week would have been really rough. I listened to you; I got off my butt and got some things done. I love you. Thank you."

- Lajoy


To listen press the play button. Each video is an average of 2min. listen to each. These Women below relate to so many of you.

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90 Day Intro. 

Includes: 6 Single Sessions with Innerwork
Activities and Exercises.


Together we peel back the layers and get to the root of the internal cause as we begin the process of reframing your mind and feeling into
Your heart space to reshape your life.

Your Investment

Upfront  One-Time Payment: $550
Monthly Payment Plan: $183 



Your most valuable asset is yourself. When you invest

 Yourself, you naturally increase your resources and reshape your life.

Payment plans are available. See details below.

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Coaching Bundle

This is an ALL-INCLUSIVE Package that Includes: 14 Single Sessions, Customized Life's Essential  Toolbox, Birth Chart Reading, Full Access to my "Digital Library" and  to "The Women's Circle Community"

Growth and Internal Development take time! This is for the Woman who's TRULY ready, to reshape her life. The Woman who has had enough and is tired of spinning in her hamster wheel.  Get aligned with self, uncover the blocks and deepen the connection with yourself. Strengthen your internal guidance system that knows the way through the fog and out into the sunshine. Receive your customized Life's Toolbox and supportive, empowering insights that will help you overcome life obstacles and shift your perspective of the experiences offered.

Get equipped to GROW through it instead of GOING through it.

Live In Your Authenticity!

Your Investment

Upfront One-Time Payment: $1,750
Monthly Payment Plan: $250


One-time Payment that Includes: A One1-Hour session where we Identify the limiting patterns and its cause and Gain clarity to remove the block to propel and energize you forward. Within a single session we are addressing one intention. 

Single Session

Upfront  One-Time Payment: $140


Your Investment

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