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"Get Some Zen In Your Life"

I'm Coach Zen a Certified spiritual, life and self-awareness coach for Women. Through deep introspection, I guide and support Women to demystify the myths and resolve the traumas to reshape their reality and envision what’s possible.

Credientials & Experience

Collegiate Course in Psychology, CEU/CPD Accreditation, Lover of  Neuro Science, Certified Professional Life Coach, Certified Spiritual Coach, Certified NLP Coach/Practioner,

Previous Facilitator with non-profit Black Girls Can Heal Inc. 

and Future Certified Adult Chair Coach 

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  My signature formula was developed through experience, education and guidance from the experts who supported me in my journey.  Absorb, Digest and Embody is built to help you along the way in reshaping your reality no matter the experience. ​


Featured Guest 


"I didn’t think needed a Life Coach but once the sessions started, I was very impressed with Coach Zen’s knowledge and experience about the different forms of abuse around Co-parenting w/my ex-husband who's a narcissist experiencing parental alienation was extremely exhausting. Coach Zen’s sessions helped me in so many ways."

- Electria 

"I just had a super powerful coaching session with Coach Zen. Thank You! 

I feel empowered, I feel good, and I feel so energized and it's so powerful." 

- MaryAnn

"Thank you for being in my life because if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have been here. Thank you for going the extra mile. Shaking  that spirit off my back. If it wasn't for you, this week would have been really rough. I listened to you; I got off my butt and got some things done. I love you. Thank you."

- Lajoy


Press the play button to listen how coaching has supported them. 

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90 Day Intro. 

Consist of 6 individual Sessions with
Innerwork Applications.


Together we peel back the layers and come out of the past into the present. Here is where you begin the process of emotional intelligence, mind reframing and trusting your inner guidance system to reshape your reality.


Coaching Bundle

This is an ALL-INCLUSIVE Package that consists of 14 individual Sessions, Effective customized life tools and a digital collection of resources to support you in your journey. The coaching bundle also includes "The Women's Circle Membership".

This is for the Woman who's TRULY ready, to reshape her reality, The Woman who envisions more for herself, The Woman who's had enough and is tired of spinning in
her hamster wheel and The Woman who wants to Inner-stand more and stop resisting.
Get equipped to GROW through it and evolve instead of GOING through it.
Also, Receive live interactive teachings and a community of like minded women
living in in their Authenticity!

Consist of one Individual Session
What's holding you back? Truth is, it's you. We are the one's that create our own limits. Join me as I guide you in Identifying the limiting patterns so that you can gain clarity and propel yourself forward. 

Single Session