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You are the driver of your life.

My goal is to guide and support you

on how to unlock and restore your life. 

- Coach Zen 

Meet Coach Zen 

"Who is making a transformational difference
in the lives of women around the globe. "

I’m an intuitive Life Coach for women who’ve experienced unhealed Trauma in their lives. I have experienced big "T" and little "t" traumas in my own life. Pain is a communication of misalignments. I don't look like the experiences that I've encountered  because I GREW through them.    I have achieved inner courage and I have faced limitations at once. I took matters into my own hands and made honest choices for my life by having tea with my emotions and feeling states that offered clarity that activated me to make fearless choices and decisions for life. 

Improve your personal care by looking after the inner parts of yourself, i.e., your inner self. Think of me as a human compass that guides you into a deeper connection with self to channel your infinite power from within and manifest your life's purpose.  "You are never broken or lost.You are ALWAYS whole." And don't you EVER forget it. I've been mentored and trained by the best of the best. 

A Therapist is past focused, A Life Coach is forward focused. A Life Coach will get you there because we've been there too. Learn more about me by listening to my podcast "Life Verbs Podcast" available on all major podcast platforms. 


  • CEU/CPD Accreditation   

  • Certified Spirituality Coach 

  • Certified Professional Life Coach

  • Certified NLP Coach & Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic) 

  • Certified Adult Chair Coach in August 2022

  • Study Collegiate Courses in Psychology

  • Studies, Neuroscience 

  • Previous facilitator with Black Girls can Heal Broken The Cycle Support Group.