Meet Coach Zen 

Who is making a transformational difference in women's lives around the world. I have coached over 20+ Women nationwide and globablly. You see, I went through a lot of things in my life just like you and I am here to support you in your journey back to yourself because you are still whole never broken or lost. I am a Holistic Wellness Professional and a triple Certified Personal Coach for Women in; Professional Life Coaching, Spiritual Coach, NLP Coach/Practioner. My purpose is to guide you in achieving long lasting and sustainable change in your life through inner bonding, self-actualization, anchored spirituality, I help you navigate forward from unpleasant situations and circumstances that have occurred in your life. Think of me as "A Human Compass"  I provide you with the tools, resources and an uplifting and empowering Supportive Community Group of Women to remind you that you are not alone. Create the life that you enjoy waking up by embodying my signature model  Absorb, Digest and Embody. I have a strong and solid background in Psychology through studying courses at Lee University and Graduated from Transformation Academy with Accreditation CEU/CPD. Zen embodies the Creatoorhood Practice with mentor Kevin Walton, Founder of "The Light Beings Ministry", Activational Speaker, Spiritual Guide and Transformational Specialist.

I guide you in...

  • Healthy personal development and growth.

  • Self Aculization, Inner awareness and Emotional Intelligence. 

  • Letting go of unhealthy patterns and directing your emotions.

  • Understanding your purpose and envisioning what's possible and more.